Going Green

Comfort Suites Near Rainbow Springs has undergone many changes in our efforts to Go Green. What does that mean exactly? We have one earth…One chance to get it right.

How has our hotel made advances in the Going Green initiative? Here are some of our best practices for going GREEN:

  • Conversion to all LED lighting interior/exterior
  • Implementation of a preventative maintenance program
  • Purchasing the most energy-efficient equipment available
  • Team member training on best green practices
  • Use of Eco-friendly, green chemicals
  • Planting indigenous landscaping which requires less water
  • Install water sensors on sprinkler systems
  • Replace aerators on all bath sinks reducing 2.5gal per minute to 1.5gal
  • Implement a Linen Reuse Program for our guest rooms
  • Provide recycle receptacles throughout hotel vending areas and exterior areas